Extracurricular activities are learning experiences that take place outside school hours and which are not dependent on the formal system, even if they are activities that take place on school property or are focused on the strengthening of STEM skills (e.g. in the more vulnerable collectives).

What is remarkable is the size and diversity of the offering, ranging from workshops held in various settings to the formation of STEM clubs. We should also emphasise in some cases that activities that have been developed in non-formal settings are setting trends and are highly valued as supplements in schools.

Here we include entrepreneurial initiatives that are offering their services and proposals to schools, museums and cultural promotion spaces.


  • To allow the introduction to and experience of new methods of STEM learning and teaching since there are fewer requirements than in formal education.
  • To provide a motivating experience without academic pressure, bringing science to children and adolescents as well as to educators (teachers and parents).
  • They are applicable to different settings: school and after-school centres, museums, clubs, etc
  • They also provide value in their promotion and awareness-raising about the importance of STEM knowledge.